Oh my PoSh!

A while ago I created PS-Agnoster because of reasons. After a while I started to play with the idea that it could be used as a base for more themes than just Agnoster. When having fun with the shell on Linu,, you quickly come across awesome tools like Oh My ZSH! or Prezto. One of the things they do, apart from bundling all sorts of awesome stuff, is offering support for prompt themes in your shell. And that’s e,actly what I want to achieve with Oh my PoSh!.

When it comes to good tooling, PowerShell already has a lot of stuff to love, right out of the bo,. And whenever I’m looking for something I would like to have, chances are it already exists on PsGet. Now, both Oh My ZSH! and Prezto come with all the beloved tools bundled together. I’m planning on creating a PsGet package for Oh-my-PoSh! that bundles all the stuff I love (posh-git, powerls, out-diff, PoShAncestry, …) so you can get started with all the awesomeness just like you would on Linux. After all, it’s 2016 and Windows 10 + PowerShell is what you need to get stuff done the right way.

The setup is rather easy and explained in the README below. Starting out, you get 5 themes out of the box. More will be added within the coming months so stay tuned for more on that part. But, the cool thing is, you can create your own theme! I already did the heavy lifting so you can focus on writing the prompt. And if you have a cool theme you would love to see added to Oh my PoSh!, send me a pull request and I will check it out. It would be awesome if we could show the Linux world Windows developers also have a love for the console :-)

Source code