A fresh start

The past years have been quite amazing. I became the father of two wonderful kids, I changed my professional path by 100 degrees and got a new diploma while doing so. I also found a passion for code and everything that comes with it. During these years my interests have shifted, I started out as a support engineer at Twipe, which gave great insight into larger applications, both back and front end. That very job laid out the foundation of what was to come. With the knowledge gathered there I created my first real app, Fuel. Being spotted by Mobile Vikings who were exploring their own mobile development path, I came on board as the Windows Phone expert and developer. Less than a year later I was made team lead, the position I still hold to this day.

During my first year at Mobile Vikings I became a certified Scrum Master. I learned a great deal about scrum, even though I already experienced that at Twipe. I was clear we didn’t really do scrum, like most teams. It wasn’t that we weren’t effective at the time, no, that can’t be said and would also do injustice to the team lead at the time. What we did miss was, at least that’s how I see it now, the ability to remove impediments, or even, to recognize them.

But, I’m moving ahead of myself. The reason I gave life to this blog is to share my experiences about being a team lead, developer, “mobile strategist” and scrum master all at once. When you go to a lecture or training, people always depict the perfect situation. One person has one responsibility. The truth is that in most positions, you are 3 to 4 people at once. You have to switch between roles fast in a way to not alienate yourself from everyone while keeping your sanity. Almost every person giving scrum or other training sessions in this world would probably disagree and say it’s not the right way to do things. I say it can be done. And I want to share how I do this.

So, let this be a spot where I share tools, code, ideas, ways of working, things that inspire me and show how going against the stream can make you stronger.

See you at the first post, or maybe you already missed that one?